Youth retreats

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Get ready for summer and brush up on your leadership skills by coming back to camp! Join us for a two-night retreat filled with games, fun, faith conversations, and leadership building. Bring your friends or come by yourself. Come for a weekend of discovering who Jesus is calling you to be!

Who: Designed for kids in 9-12th Grade
When: cancelled for 2023, look forward to February 2-4, 2024
Cost: $125 (two nights) per person
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Get out there and re-charge your faith, hope, and connections with a camp adventure, any time of year! Confirmation groups are especially welcome… Our talented, highly energized Bible camp staff help you grow in faith and confidence. Enjoy campfires, cool hikes, fun games and memorable conversation about your life & faith. Create real-life connections, based in God’s love through Jesus Christ. Explore your call to use your own amazing, individual gifts to bless the world.

Who: Designed for grades 6-8
When: 7pm Friday, March 17 – 11am Sunday, March 19
Cost: $99 per person for two nights. Cost includes meals, lodging, program, materials, etc.

Enroll online, call 608-734-3113 or email


Click here to download the Middle School Retreat flyer!

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Kids will LOVE this 1-overnight adventure with active learning and epic games! For grades 2-5, this weekend Elementary Retreat offers lots to remember with creative interactive Bible stories, memorable songs, cool outdoor activities, and awesome interactive worship times led by your bible camp staff.

Come as a group from your church or school – or individually. You’ll always meet new fun-loving friends at Sugar Creek. 🙂

Who: 2nd-5th grade
When: Saturday, April 29 at 1 p.m. – Sunday, April 30 at 1 p.m.
Cost: $79 per person. Cost includes meals, lodging, program, materials, etc.
Enroll Now!  Call 608-734-3113 or email
NEW! Available as a “Custom” Retreat…

Kids will LOVE this 1-night (or 1-day) fun event with active learning and epic games! Enjoy creative Bible story time, memorable songs, cool outdoor activities all year long and awesome interactive worships led by Bible Camp staff.

Who: 2nd-5th grade
When: Anytime!  Many lodges and cabins to choose from.
Cost: Only $39 (day only, 1 meal) or $79 (overnight, 2-3 meals) per person. Cost includes meals, lodging, program, materials, etc.
Enroll Now!  Call 608-734-3113 or

Build your OWN Retreat!

Looking for the perfect special place to spark new life in a youth group or Confirmation Class? Or jump-start a Cross-Gen ministry? Re-start the church’s great Family Camp tradition with modern cabins/lodges, activities ready to go, and lots of room? Do a post-pandemic Family Reunion in a memorable setting? Inspire your Church Council to unity in mission? Welcome to Sugar Creek!

Check out our lodging options by clicking here.

Give your church, family, or group the gift of a powerful immersion in Christian community, as children of God. Get ready to engage and change this world with a new annual “recharge” built with you, for you.