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Donate as a sustaining giver

  • Give Monthly to Sustain the ministry all year. Summer Bible camp is always at least a 16-month project, and these expenses take place over time. Sugar Creek also hosts multiple programs and events nearly every weekend of the year. God provides! Thank you for being blessed into playing a role in sustaining that important ongoing work with churches, families and partner organizations. We hope you will make Sugar Creek part of YOUR ministry to the Church and world this year.

Join the Birthday Club

Joining the Birthday Club is easy! Email near your birthday and inform the camp that you will be setting up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser. You will receive helpful suggestions to personalize your fundraiser and ideas to help spread the word.
As a thank you and to celebrate your birthday, Sugar Creek will send you a camp merchandise of your choice!

Donate a Wish List Item(s)

  • Need space in your garage?  Enjoy shopping?  Specific items are needed, to support your efforts in this ministry! As a 501c3 nonprofit, gifts to Sugar Creek are usually 100% tax deductible. We will provide you a receipt. Do you know where to find any of these items? 
    Program Supplies & Gear  for kids’ activities & important needs
    • Tents  Used or new 4+ person tents needed for helping kids experience the outdoors! Eureka Timberline Outfitter 4 model is best; any good-condition rain-proof tents are welcome.
    • Arts & Crafts  General art supplies for 1200+ kids/summer!
    • Office Supplies  Paper, pens, markers, note pads… you may get the bonus of a clean closet! 
    • Tarps  of all sizes for tents, firewood, shelters (canvas) and year-round projects
    • Backpacks  external frame backpacks, 45+ liter capacity for hiking
    • Digital Piano  good quality for worship (Yamaha Clavinova or Kawai strongly preferred)
    • Life Jackets  newer “vest-style” PFDs, all sizes needed
    • Outdoor Games  VB net, sports balls, croquet sets, bocce ball, frisbee
    • Pool Toys  beach balls, pool noodles, inflatables, sun screen (30+ SPF)
    • Health Supplies  to supply the summer nurse’s station
    Vehicles  transport Youth Ministry staff, maintain facilities, or sell to help fund life-changing programs at your Bible camp
    • Vehicles  land, air, or sea! (Yes, for real…!) For summer camp travels and year-round ministry visits. We will use – or sell for top dollar if you prefer, to fund the ministry.  Ready to trade in your used car? Please consider a (usually MUCH larger!) tax-deductible gift to your Bible camp!
    • Minivans  a good minivan is especially needed
    • 4 wheeler or UTV  to care well for trails and forests through the 661-acres of your camp
    • Tractor  or 4wd loader. 25+ hp needed.
    • Cargo Trailer  Have you used yours frequently this year? Your Bible camp DEFINITELY could! Enclosed cargo trailer (5×10 or 6×12) needed for NEW traveling youth ministry teams, etc. 
    Indoors  for serving Camp Guests 
    • Vacuum Cleaner  – commercial vacuum cleaners or Shark brand for guest cabins
    • DVD Player  or Blu-ray player, for presentations and retreat guests
    • Washers & Dryers  large capacity washer or a 220V electric dryer Good used = OK!
    • Kitchen Supplies  commercial equipment for 3 lodge kitchens
    • TV  55″ or larger, for retreat groups and meetings
    • Digital Cameras  to help show more people God’s love at work at Bible camp…
    Farm and Shop  care for & expand camp facilities
    • Cattle Panels  16′ x 50″ panels – for small farm animal pens at the new Frontier Farm!
    • Gravel or Blacktop  or money to complete small road projects
    • Lumber  Got boards in the garage? Prefer more space? Share the stockpile to help improve your Bible camp facilities. New or used boards are ALWAYS needed for projects at camp.
    • Trees and Perennials  Help beautify your camp, in sun and shade.
    • Tools  Hand tools, power tools, shovels & rakes for service projects, even “free after rebate” Menards paint brushes and misc. supplies, cotton or leather gloves for volunteers, safety glasses, old tool boxes, etc. – lots to build at Sugar Creek!
    • Rebate Cards  or gift certificates to hardware stores
    • Guard Rail Ties  6×8′ or 8×8′ treated beams, or RR ties, for landscaping. Used beams are OK.
    • MIG Welder  Welder, welding supplies, cutting torch
    • Fence and Fence Posts  Steel “T” posts, round wood posts, garden fence, etc.
    • Horses  Must be of gentle temperament for young riders
    • Tack  Saddles, blankets, riding gear: good, quality tack
    • Hay  of the quality for horses
  •  Items we CANNOT use –  Please do not drop off:
    • Organs, old pianos – pianos must be approved by the Director. To make our musical ministry stronger, we currently are searching for a quality digital piano (Yamaha Clavinova series is most helpful) for worship
    • Well-used or stained furniture – Hospitality first.  Camp is rustic, but clean.
    • Nice furniture – new or used, please send pictures first to before sending a load of furniture. It may or may not be ideal for guests in a particular space.
    • Old printers, appliances, tube TVs – but we do need 2 washers & dryers!
    • Damaged items for Auction – our annual Fall Festival & Quilt Auction fundraiser is limited to beautiful hand-made quilts, valuable hand-crafted woodworking, and a few higher end specialty items. Have something to donate? Please contact us! Always grateful to be asked! 

Donate your time and skills as a volunteer

  • Tuesdays  Nearly every week offers you Volunteer Tuesday!  You can belong and truly make a difference on our small, fun, friendly volunteer crews. Just think of all the new tools you can finally have the excuse to buy! Help with important safety & hospitality projects. Or schedule a visit anytime with friends, family, coworkers, etc. to lend your hands to other projects such as…

    • Indoor Projects
      • Office – help in our busy, good-humored office 
      • Mailings – help put together a bulk mailing (call for dates)
      • Paint, clean, arrange, fix, beautify, bless – 25+ buildings
    • Outdoor Projects
      • Protect – stain decks, paint buildings, roof shelters, build RR tie steps
      • Hiking Trails – trim branches and clear paths… we’ve got MILES…
      • Cut & stock firewood  to heat buildings and fuel worship at campfires
      • Make log benches for campfires
      • Fencing – fix various fences – wood, wire, panel fences, etc.
      • Reinforce trails – to prevent erosion at key spots
      • Heavy equipment – often needed for bigger projects
      • LOTS of outdoor jobs for individuals, youth/adult groups, and families. Needs change every week. Please ask for ideas.


    • Electrician  for small and medium projects around camp
    • Plumber  consultation and improvements welcome for efficiency and longevity
    • Mechanic  ongoing maintenance is a priority with our vehicle fleet. Professionals & gear-heads appreciated!
    • Carpenter  or handy-person for small repairs. 
    • Other?  Do YOU have special skills or gifts you could offer to a Bible camp? We’d love to hear from you… Let us share specific needs and hear how you would like to be part of this awesome ministry! 

    Call 608-734-3113 to explore ways to help with Jesse Klosterboer, Executive Director. We’d love to hear and share how you may play a role in this far-reaching ministry. Thank you!